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We are the new ones

We are the new ones

Nikita Star (Nik)
„The company of TTH, I discovered both on the internet and at the Employment Agency. After completion of my apprenticeship as forwarding agent, I had stayed with the firm where I received my training, in order to gain some practical experience. However, it had been my wish to take on a new challenge.  This I found at TTH where I started on 1st October, 2015.  Working in the customer service department, I have a lot to do with new import customers which is quite exciting. Every customer’s shipment is totally different and presents a new and interesting task.”  

Jenny Geffert
„Since 1st June, I have been working for TTH. I am a newcomer. About three years ago, I received a six-month retraining for the forwarding business. After its completion, I joined a major corporation. There I was responsible only for a segment of the route of transportation.  However, it had been my wish to handle the whole transport chain. Talking to a head hunter, I became aware of TTH. During the interview at TTH, I felt immediately at ease and my decision to join the company was made easily. Here, my main focus lies on international exports – USA and Asia.  From the preparation of offers up to planning and processing the transport of shipments, everything passes my desk. And especially the direct contact to our customers is something I enjoy very much.“

Sabrina Marenke (Sam)
„I am the new one since 1st September this year. After completion of my apprenticeship as a forwarding agent, I first remained in the company where I had received my training. But definitely, I wanted to learn more and meet new challenges and also gather more experience. Having already worked in the import area, I discovered an employment ad by TTH who wanted to increase their team in that field.  I had heard of TTH before, and sent in my application. An interview followed which I left with a good feeling, and afterwards I was happy to receive a positive answer. I am really happy here and consider it a stroke of luck to be able to work at TTH. Every morning, I enjoy coming here.”

Detlef Voelz, Director of TTH, and his staff are glad to have such reinforcement of the team.  In addition to an increased number of import quantities, their customers have developed new business areas. Some customers have captured the export overseas market and process this business through TTH.

Detlef Voelz: “This is a new challenge for us. Together with our customers, we follow this path and have developed and implemented adequate concepts.

And, of course, we also take care of the young generation.“

Yvette Altendorf

Yvette Altendorf
„Since 1st August, I have been working at TTH to be trained as forwarding agent. This idea about my future profession came up as a result of some detailed descriptions given by both my aunt and a friend. Furthermore, I am very fond of planning and organizing processes. I have decided to join TTH because the total transport package is being managed here, i.e. air freight, sea freight, and land freight, as well. And the interview went very well and proceeded in such a friendly atmosphere. I am happy to be able to complete my two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship with TTH.“


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