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The new logistics hall is on hand!

When Team Trans Logistics (TTL) started out, main emphasis was put on the business of transhipment services. Over time, the volume of containers to be unloaded increased continuously. This positive development was above all based on the expansion of our business connections.  New contacts, for example, were established in India with the result that nowadays, containers are being processed for imports as well as exports.

This led to new requirements in the logistics area. Not just the mere turnaround of goods was requested, but in addition, many of our customers were in need of further services such as commissioning, finishing, or quality checks. For the amount of these tasks, our existing hall was getting too small. A solution had to be found.

An ideal opportunity arrived when our neighbour announced that he would move out of his hall. The two halls are situated next to each other and, furthermore, are directly connected by a gate. We contacted the landlord immediately and took up negotiations. With effect from 1 August, 2017, the new hall was at our disposal with approximately 1,800 square meters.  And as a relief for our employees at the warehouse, a difficult situation had come to an end - finally there was sufficient work space available. Due to the expansion of our storage area, we can now offer additional services for logistical activities.  

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