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Detlef Voelz, Bert Brinckmann
Experienced Management:Detlef Voelz and Bert Brinckmann.
Meeting at Team Trans Hamburg.
Quick decisions: Meeting at Team Trans Hamburg.

Which is the best port for your shipment? What are the local port practices? What about the routing? How long does the customs clearance take? Many facts play an important role for a fast, smooth and safe way for a shipment to reach its destination. Team Trans Hamburg considers the routing for each shipment anew.

Young and dynamic, though experienced and with routine: This is how we manage to speed up routings of shipments, and at the same time, show you where you can save money. We analyze your previous route, re-work and optimize it – and find the best possible solution suitable for your requirements.

Benefit from our well-practiced logistics know-how. With us, you are able to reliably plan your logistic requirements.

  • Best partners on location:
    We are free to choose our partners. On location, we principally cooperate with reputable local medium-sized companies. They are familiar with the culture and the people in the country, with business life of the region, and, moreover, they support your interests.

  • Fast scheduling of shipments:
    TTH has its own consol boxes and is therefore able to dispatch your shipments in a flexible and fast way.

  • Quick unloading of goods:
    Due to our own consolidated boxes, an optimal and fast unloading of your goods can be achieved.

  • Safe transport:
    The TTH consolidated boxes guarantee a maximum in safety for your shipments.

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