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Visiting the orphanage in Myanmar

In March 2015, time had come again to visit our orphanage in Myanmar. The joy was great on both sides. As usual, the children were a bit shy in the beginning,...more


Happenings at our Orphanage in 2014

At the orphanage in Myanmar, the year 2014 started out with an exciting event. A baby girl of not yet three weeks  was accommodated. A hospital had...more


News from our Orphanage Team for Children in...

In June this year Detlef Voelz visited the orphanage "Team-For-Children" in Myanmar to get an overview of the status of pre-school and school...more


New Photos from our Orphanage in Myanmar

Since the opening of the orphanage of Team For Children in July 2012 the furnishing and finishing continue to make progress. In the following online gallery...more


Touching opening of our orphanage in Myanmar

On Sunday morning, 15 July 2012 our orphanage in Hlegu Township, near Yangun has been opened. The little ceremony has touched all participants: First the...more

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The German Side of the Orphanage

Der erste Schritt zur Gründung eines Waisenhauses in Myanmar war getan. In Myanmar gingen die Vorbereitungen zügig voran. Was musste noch in Deutschland...more


Progress is being made in Myanmar…

...and it happens in many ways. Birgit and Detlef Voelz were able to see this for themselves during their visit to Yangon in March. The new political opening...more

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