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Neues von unserem Waisenhaus in Myanmar

In June this year Detlef Voelz visited the orphanage "Team-For-Children" in Myanmar to get an overview of the status of pre-school and school provision. As always when someone of Team Trans Hamburg enters the house the now 16 boys and girls give them a warm welcome. Edmund Yu, business partner from Hong Kong and good friend of Team Trans Hamburg, accompanied Detlef Voelz. When Yu showed the children a popular Burmese children's program on his iPod the kids were all excited. We have captured this moment in a video - enjoy watching.

Own vegetable garden
Afterwards we went in the orphanage’s garden where the children grow domestic vegetables along with their caregivers. The local vegetables such as spinach or garden cress were quite good in the flower beds and all looked forward to the harvest. At this point we also would like to thank all our customers who get involved with the project "Team for Children".

16 happy boys and girls in the orphanage's house of Team for Children in Myanmar


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